March 4, 2008

::::: A lot of attention goes to humans in need, but let's not forget our four legged friends, especially the ones abused and abandoned. They need us too!
Ravenwear has organized a fundraiser event and auction to benefit the K-9 New Life Center in Virginia.

Fashion for Fido

Please consider donating a few linden dollars to the K-9 New Life Center by paying into the donation box under the tree in my main store.
Thank you!


  1. I heard alot of thinks about that!

    I also read up about the Relay for Life Clothing Fair coming up this March 17?

    You're in it,I think? I don't even know if you've already blogged about it. But I am sure excited about that one.

    Sneak peek anyone? *laughs*

  2. Hoi Tules - I plan to attend, thanks for also sending it to the group to remind me. I have 3 dogs and always do what I can to help those poor dogs who don't have a loving home.
    Take care-K