February 2, 2008

::::: Elysium Eilde of Imagen Divine Agency [ida] has made some incredible promotional photos for my new skin line. I'll be showing one every day here on my blog until the skins are released. You will also find them hanging in my store soon. Thank you Elysium and the other gorgeous girls at [ida]!

(Click on thumbnail picture to view large version)


  1. All clothing in this shot from Last Call. L-R: [ida] models Feles Seitan, BoRee Vella, and photographer/partner Elysium Eilde.
    Thanks for this opportunity Tuli..we had a blast!

  2. Soooo pretty! They do an amazing work! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics.


  3. WOW - Love this picture, especially when I know all 3 ladies. Feles, Bo and Ely you all look fantastic in the S5 line. How can you go wrong with this skin, I'm never taking them off. : )
    Great picture Ely!!