January 19, 2008

::::: Until the release of my new skin line, the S3 and S4 skins are on sale. They will be RETIRED when I release the new skin line. So if you like the S3 and S4, this is your last chance to get them!

UPDATE: I've gotten a lot of questions on when exactly I will retire them. I'm estimating in about 2 weeks! I'm still in the process of creating a nice variety of makeups for the new skin, and I have commissioned the wonderfully talented Elysium Eilde to create some great advertising photography for the new skin line.


  1. PoulepondeuseJanuary 20, 2008

    S5 looks awesome already, but i'm going to miss S4, love it, especially the freckled one

  2. Can you say at this point how long the sale of the S3s and S4s will last?

  3. 2 weeks...? 2 whole weeks?
    Ok! I'll wait!
    I am so curious to see your new skins.