January 30, 2008

::::: More news from the skin front!
The S5 skin line will be available in 7 tones: goth, pale, asian, light, medium, tan, exotic. The initial release will offer 8 makeups, available in singles and 3-packs. Of course I will release more makeups in the future =) I'm open for ideas!
The eyebrows have definately softened up compared to the S4 skin eyebrows, but I still haven't managed to make them colorable or lighter, they lose so much detail that I'm just not satisfied, and to be honest, I'm not a fan of for example matching green eyebrows with green hair, yellow eyebrows with blonde hair or orange eyebrows with red hair. So this deep brown is the only color they come in. They look ok with most hair colors, even blondes. Eyebrows do help define the face in my opinion.

If you are a fashion blogger and would like to receive a preview package, please send me a notecard inworld or email at tuli.asturias(at)gmail(dot)com. Please include a link to your blog/site. Everyone else who would like a preview can join the Tuli update group, I will give out a free skin soon!

On February 6, 12 am (noon) sl time, I will take the S3 and S4 skins out of my stores. Until then they are still on sale.
My Plush Rho location will close at that time also, as my main store is now in Le Zoo. (if anyone is interested in buying the Plush Rho plot, IM me ;] it's on a commercial sim where no clubs are allowed, only retail)
The new skins will be up for sale on February 7, 12 am (noon) sl time.

As most of you know, skins from different skinmakers look different on your face. Often you'll find yourself copying your shape and adjusting your eyes, nose and lips to make you look more like you again when wearing a different skin. (The reason for this is that each skinmaker has slightly different size and placement of face items on their skins.) Therefore it's important that, if you decide to purchase a shape instead of designing one yourself, you choose a shape that is copy/mod, or at the VERY least mod. I can't stress it enough. Also, if your eyes have very creased eyelids, eyebrows are pulled downward and can look extra bushy. No amount of eyebrow (bald) shape adjusting will change it.
I know that not everyone can get the appearance sliders to work for them, so I am working on shapes custom made for the new skin line, mod/copy, to tinker with.

Well, that's it so far =)
I leave you with a (no postwork except a frame and logo) teaser pic (S5 tan tone ~ diva 2).

S5 tan tone
photo credits:
hair by Cake | jewelry by Digital Knickers | top by Dutch Touch | prim eyelashes by Celestial Studios | pose by Torridwear


  1. Gah~~~~ more teaser pics! Omg, you are killing me~ Hehe, anyway, I love the new eyebrows, the shape tip is great (I am totally terrible with the sliders!), and I can not wait until you release them!

  2. ooooo I can't wait!! These new skins look marvelous :)

  3. Yay!, Tuli, this face is gorgeous! Well Done sweety! So pretty <333

  4. weeeeeeeeee
    they look gorgeous! i want them, i want them... ohhhh, can't wait!

  5. WOW - Amazing work. I agree release them sooner, pretty please with sugar on top. I can't wait!!

    Tuli - Would love to know if you will or could have any makeup styles that fit a natural eye and lip (almost a no makeup look)..like a just woke up but still look naturally beautiful and sexy (going to the beach with just a light pink gloss on the lips)?