August 10, 2007

::::: I made some necklaces! The wooden heart (available in 2 color combinations) is based on one I have in real life, a souvenir from Hungary, and the cross one... well... I have been begging jewelry makers in SL for one for ages, and some don't want to make religious symbols, and others promise to make you one but never do. So. I thought it was time to try one myself. It comes in silver, gold and gunmetal.

Because of the use of tiny prims, the necklaces can't be made smaller, only bigger, so please try the free demos before you buy!
Each necklace comes in 2 attachment versions, so you can wear them with another necklace =)

I've also added 10 new model poses!


  1. Tuli - I love the hair in your pics. Who is the designer?

  2. Both styles are by ETD, the one in the wooden heart ad is no longer available though.