July 9, 2007

::::: I know, it's been a while! But I've been busy with Tomboy, new stuff for Tuli, and a shitload of rl stuff.
Also I have been redesigning my vendor ads and looking for a new building.
I LOVE the art nouveau buildings that my friend Leone Mastroianni has designed and built for me, he seriously rocks, but I am running out of prims damnit, and until I can get a bigger plot of land, I will have to substitute them with something else. Once I have more room they will definately be back. I wish I could afford a whole island so I could do whatever I want O_o

To rearrange my store layout I will have to close for a while. I don't know for how long, could be a day, could be 2, it all depends on how cooperative SL is, haha!
But once is done it'll have some new releases, yay!

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