July 26, 2007

::::: As promised, here's a preview of the new skin I'm working on =)

Click here for the uncensored preview ;)


  1. Will you new skins have freckles? Please say... YES!

  2. Wow, good-looking! The tummy is pretty, not overdone, and what amazing breasts! Best I've seen in SL.
    I just beg for the lips to be gentle on my shape...

  3. Tuli.... I am probably one of the biggest skin addicts. But since you said you were working on skins I have been holding off buying any other skins from anyone else. I wear your current skin right now and we love it!! I thought omg, she is making a new skin, I bet it's going to totally rock! This preview has NOT let me down!!! Hurry hurry hurry with it hehe... well as much as you can, I know making skins is an artform and you have it mastered, but wow... I'm dancing from one foot to the other in eager anticipation.
    Everything about it looks amazing!

  4. Looks so sweet! I am going to camp outside your store waiting on the new skins...

  5. Probably THE best nipples in sl. Love the makeup. I'm definitely gonna buy one!
    Kiss from a fellow Dutchie